Customer Database CRM

When it comes to direct marketing,
your database really is your most valuable asset.

The best-looking direct mail piece in the world won’t do diddly if you haven’t got the information you need to target the right people.

Since a great database will make your campaigns truly effective, you should treat it like gold.

We can clean up and maintain your databases – merge them with new ones, update information, get rid of any duplicates and sort out the post coding. If you want to make your database even more valuable by expanding it or gathering more information, we can help you work out the best way to do that.

We can also source new databases to help you target whole new areas of the market.

To save you money on postage, we’ll compare your database to NZ Posts master database of every address in New Zealand and add postcodes where ever they’re missing. If above 85% of your list matches theirs, we’ll be able to issue you with a Statement of Accuracy, which will entitle you to bulk mail discounts.

Get in touch now for a chat about how we can maximise your data and mailing lists.

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